Top Earning Insurance Agents are Using THIS to Succeed

Top Earning Insurance Agents are Using THIS to Succeed

February 20, 2018 | By Tailored Solutions

Have you ever wondered what the highest-earning insurance agents are doing to make easy money? Here’s the secret those top producers don’t want you to know…

Hard-to-place workers' comp could be your easiest money yet. 

3 Easy Steps to Turn Difficult Comp into Easy Commissions

Tailored Solutions helps independent insurance agents turn hard-to-place workers' comp into easy money.

Send us your workers’ comp submission and let us get to work.

  1. We shop the PEO markets and return a competitive quote to you.
  2. We provide sales assistance, onboard your client, and service the account.
  3. You start collecting commissions as the agent/ broker of record.

When you place a client with a PEO through Tailored Solutions, we do the work and you earn the commissions.

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Turn Risky Workers’ Comp into Easy Money

If you’re like most insurance agents, you probably see hard-to-place workers’ comp as a headache. Finding a market for challenges such as high experience mods, clients with coverage lapses, or high-risk class codes can be time consuming and frustrating.

But it doesn’t have to be.

You can send your hard-to-place comp to Tailored Solutions and let us get to work for you.

We’ll shop the PEO markets and return a competitive quote -- one that your client will love.

Here's another secret...

PEOs Bring Big Benefits to Small Businesses

PEOs offer tremendous benefits to small- and midsized business owners. Businesses that use a PEO have higher success rates and are able to offer best-in-class benefits to their employees.  

The best part?

PEO clients have great retention and satisfaction rates.

In fact, 98% of business owners who are PEO clients would recommend a PEO to another business owner.

At Tailored Solutions, we can find a niche PEO solution that could save your client up to 40% on workers' comp premiums. If your client is frustrated with paying too much for comp, a PEO can be the perfect solution. 

Once we’ve found the perfect PEO market for your client, we continue to work for you. We provide sales assistance to help close the sale. We onboard your client and we even service the account.

You become the agent/ broker of record and start collecting commissions.


If Everyone Knew How Easy It Was…

Placing risky comp couldn’t be easier.

If everyone knew how simple it was to write hard-to-place workers’ comp, they’d all do it.

But for now, the secret isn’t out.

There are some insurance agents who still view PEOs as the competition rather than a creative solution that benefits both agents and their clients.

But the top earners have discovered the benefits of a PEO. They're spending more time prospecting and less time trying to place challenging workers' comp. 

These agents are actively searching for the best clients for a PEO because they know that hard-to-place comp can bring in easy money.

Take a prospect that doesn’t fit into a standard workers’ comp market. Submit an application to Tailored Solutions. Then we’ll get to work quoting, selling, onboarding, and servicing that account.

Rinse and repeat to make more money than ever this year.

Want to learn more about PEOs? Check out our post: What is a Professional Employer Organization? This quick and easy guide tells you how a PEO works and the benefits a PEO brings to business owners.

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