Quote and Bind Workers’ Comp Online at Tailored Solutions

Quote and Bind Workers’ Comp Online at Tailored Solutions

November 12, 2018 | By Tailored Solutions

The golden age of technology is providing insurance agents an increasing number of digital tools that are invaluable for getting more business -- and getting more done each day.

The most significant of these tools are online raters.

Online raters help agents get fast and accurate quotes.

Tailored Solutions has brought an innovative new online rater to its agent partners - allowing you to quote and bind workers’ comp online.

Quote and Bind Workers’ Comp Online

Tailored Solutions has built a brand new online rating tool to help agents accurately quote and bind worker’s comp.

The Process

Quoting and binding workers’ comp online at Tailored Solutions couldn’t be easier.

  1. Start a submission and rate online
  2. Get final approval
  3. Enroll your client online easily

Innovative Tools and Products

Tailored Solutions is debuting our innovative new rater with an equally innovative product: ShiftPixy.

ShiftPixy helps restaurants, hotels, retailers, and other hospitality class codes solve some of their biggest business challenges - including finding and scheduling shift workers.

ShiftPixy offers businesses a powerful scheduling and recruiting mobile platform with real-time access to thousands of contingent shift workers.

ShiftPixy uses a PEO-model to take on employee-related tasks, including:

  • Pay-as-you-go workers’ compensation
  • HR and compliance support
  • Payroll processing
  • Tax filing
  • EPLI
  • ACA compliant health benefits

The heart of ShiftPixy is its mobile application - a platform that allows business owners to managed and process employee administrative duties.

An Alternative Market for Workers’ Comp

Many of your clients are looking for an alternative market for workers’ comp. They’re new in business, have high MOD rates, lapse in coverage, or other eligibility challenges.

Tailored Solutions provides an alternative market for worker’s comp: the PEO market.

PEOs offer pay-as-you-go workers’ comp combined with payroll and a wide variety of employee-administration services.

The benefits for businesses are tangible.

In most cases, our agent partners save their clients up to 30% on workers’ comp with a PEO arrangement.

The benefits of a PEO partnership include:

  • Businesses that use PEOs save on HR administration costs
  • PEO partners reduce costly employee turnover
  • PEO partners are 50% less likely to fail compared to their non-PEO peers

PEOs provide an alternative market for your workers’ comp clients that can help them cut costs, save on comp, and provide additional benefits for their business.

But what about you?

Agents who refer their clients to a PEO partnership can benefit, too.

Our agent partners receive competitive, ongoing commissions that don’t diminish. You become the broker of record and remain so for as long as your client remains in a PEO relationship.

And clients stay.

ShiftPixy has a 90% customer retention rate, and that’s not unusual for the PEO industry. PEO partners are highly satisfied with their arrangements.

98% of business owners who are PEO clients would recommend a PEO to their peers.

Try Our Quote and Bind Tool Today

Looking for an alternative workers’ comp market? See how easy it can be to get an accurate quote for your client with our new online rating tool at Tailored Solutions.

Just visit our ShiftPixy page and start a submission.

You’ll get an accurate quote workers’ comp quote for your client and free up more time to focus on growing your business.

And that’s good business.

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