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Total Comp is employee administration in its most comprehensive form.  This program ultimately turns employee management, benefits administration, payroll, workers' compensation, technology utilization, loss prevention, claims management, into a one vendor solution.  Total comp is the perfect integration for companies that want to focus on their bottom line and let a professional employer organization handle everything up to and including assisting with recruiting.  Think of a world where after doing payroll and hitting enter everything associated with having employees was done professionally, and compliantly.  Not only are you freed from non revenue producing tasks but your company receives Fortune 500 turn key benefits, HR professionals at your fingertips, tax specialists, attorneys, EPLI, and so much more.  The best part is this program is usually provided at an overall lower cost.   So you end up getting more for less.

Tailored Solutions provides through its PEO partners, group health, dental insurance, employee benefits, workers’ compensation insurance, human resources management, risk management services, and processes payroll for employees in the southeastern United States. 

Managing employees includes; payroll, time and attendance, managing tax liabilities, loss control communication, IT integration, and creating and enforcing employee polices.

Tailored Solutions can take a patchwork of systems, practices and vendors and replace them with one unified system. Clients and their employees simply join in our group. Administrative tasks that are employee related are outsourced to our partner PEO’s The stress is off the client’s shoulders. So is keeping current with these non-productive tasks. Complicated and time-consuming tasks are shifted to Partner PEO’s that are specialists allowing clients to grow their business. We think it’s the ultimate in risk management. 

  • Payroll Check and Reports Generation
  • Payroll Check Signing
  • Client Deductions (Tools, Uniforms, Loans etc)
  • Child Support & Lien Deductions
  • Wage Garnishment Deductions
  • Direct Deposit(s)
  • Multi-location Check and Reports Distribution
  • Web Payroll Entry & Reporting
  • Preparation of Quarterly Reports
  • Remittance of Federal, State and Local Taxes
  • Year End W-2 Preparation and Mailing
  • Payroll Tax Liability: We ensure that all W-4's, W-2's, 940 and 941 reports, garnishments and other associated reports are completed on an accurate and timely basis.

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